notes: asking good questions

My first interview was a disaster. I was speaking with Lydia, a shy student from a speck of a village in the rural northFull post »

notes: trade-offs

Every few miles along the dusty roads of Kenya’s semi-arid coast, a stand of eucalyptus trees appears amidst theFull post »

notes: solar design

What do consumers value most about power? If you had asked me to rank the uses in my well-lit world, I would have tickedFull post »

postcard: one million borrowers

Kiva just hit one million borrowers, a milestone marked on Facebook by the beautiful Clenda. She used her $300 loan,Full post »

postcard: buddha

During our week on the road in Western Kenya, our favorite word was “buddha,” (spelling unclear), NairobiFull post »

notes: a tale of two houses

On his shamba in Western Kenya, a farmer showed us two houses. On the left, his home was a small mud structure. FiveFull post »

postcard: knowledge is power

I hadn’t had my coffee yet when my taxi driver handed me his laptop. I’d driven with him a few times, andFull post »

notes: interviewing

Interviewing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. For a photo, all you need single, frozen second. WithFull post »

postcard: gaddafi national mosque

A Sunday afternoon off at Gaddafi National Mosque in Kampala, Uganda.Full post »

notes: staging candids

I am a fly on the wall. I travel light and unobtrusive. I get to know my subject and quietly observe life as it happensFull post »

postcard: taking tea

I have the sense of direction of a peanut. Since I specialize in wrong turns, I like to drive before dark, especially onFull post »

postcard: bees

Hive tech: We’re going to do a nighttime hive inspections. Me: Cool! Do I need a bee suit? Hive tech: If you don&#Full post »

inspiration: living with purpose

This week’s inspiration: A talk by Jacqueline Novogratz on living a life of immersion. It’s part of a +Full post »

Notes: Ask

Three years ago, I chased a lobster around my living room. I triumphed, garnished, snapped a few frames and dashed offFull post »

Notes: Alive

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is peopleFull post »

Postcard: Welcome home

Two of Kiva’s Kenyan portfolio managers — David and Newton — joined us for training week in the SanFull post »

Notes: Adventures

“Let me get this straight. After ten straight years of work, you’re recharging by doing more work?”Full post »